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a little mini matchbook to hold my ultimate Happy for October. I printed 6 pics from our trip and wanted to add a little journaling to each—-so each gets a page in this little matchbook album that I constructed. again, another engineered “page”. apparently I am liking to make things complicated lately. 

I cut out each photo, and then adhered to a paper to fit into the matchbook—-so its longer on the side that it was “attached” to the binding. I stacked each page, with the cover (unfolded) and the top binding piece. and then ran it through my sewing machine. the top binding piece I then folded over to hide the stitching and to create that little lip that the cover slides into once its closed. and then added some washi to the edge. does that make sense?

this was fun. each photo is one that we took of ourselves by holding out the camera, so we followed this theme in each place that we visited. it was fun to add a little note and a little embellishment to each tiny page.  

i just add that last pic in there so that the “where” of this piece fits into the journal is clear. there so many pages to this, that its taken up 3 binders.

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another complicated folder page. love this pink map paper from Basic Grey. It worked perfectly into this chapter’s colors. I adhered the map paper to another paper (from My Minds Eye) and then hinged the circle graph that I cut from a Studio Calico Paper. I only attached it at the center and left, so that it stood open on the right. I tucked all kinds of scraps and flags underneath it. the flags and bits represent to me the fan fare and party of the travel that this page covers. I attached the Smash pocket on here with my sewing machine, then printed out strips of photos from the trip, added my journaling and tucked them into the pocket. 

I covered some of the elements on the map paper with papers that better matched the colors I wanted to use. I also used heart stickers to indicate our starting point and there is one on the back to indicate our destination—with a line drawn on the paper to connect them. 

Since the folder/pocket got kind of full (the two pages adhered together and then folded did not like me so well), I ended up using a clip to keep it closed when in the binder.

i really really liked this aqua-red color combination. and how that pink map worked out with it. 

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another “page” made from a catalog. Again, I punched the 3 holes into the pages and didn’t attach them to each other other than tying the twine around them, with a cover page on each the front and back. When the book stands up the cover hangs funny, since it only has one hole but is still 8 inches across, it has little support. but I am okay with that. the book is not going to stand up. I would have to engineer that differently otherwise.

like the other catalog addition to the art journal, there are notes, doodles and bits added to the inner pages. a lot of washi tape. washi tape flags on the cover attached to pins.

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more september pages. a page with a flap sewn on and the journaling inside. it seems like each page has turned into more than just a page. they all have some sort of flap, hidden pocket, folds, or whatever. everything gets more complicated with each new page. 

i used a lot of scraps on this again. i just had a great big pile on my desk and just rummaged through it rather than go in search of new papers, colors or anything. lots of paper and washi tape bits sewn on the flap before sewing the flap to the page. tag parts, sticky note parts, chipboard and kraft shapes stapled on. 

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a lot of layers on this one. I attached it all together and then adhered it to the kraft page—- the back of another page. So its even heavier in layers than it would be otherwise. a lot of scraps again, Studio Calico kraft alphabet stickers and wood veneer. American Crafts Thicker Stickers (aqua), and some misc tags and notepaper. The journaling for this page is one of the notebook papers that you see sticking up, tucked into one of the layers that actually forms a pocket. 

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another September page… lots of scraps on this page. using up some of the pile on my desk from all the previous pages. some Studio Calico, Rhonna Farrer, My Minds Eye, Amy Tangerine, Dear Lizzy, some scraps of various 6x6 paper pads (Crate Paper is a favorite), washi tapes, Ormolu flair, random bits and pieces all over this page—chipboard, buttons, wood veneer, fabric paper, labels, tickets, brads.

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I tucked this Madewell catalog away and could not wait to take it apart and add it into my journal. With some notebook paper, Smash journaling pieces, tabs, washi tape, staples and a lot of journaling, I got this girl in my journal to my liking. I ended up adhering pages together, so that I only showed the pages that I really wanted to. It made this piece very thick. I had to fold it over, as it is bigger than the binder and would not fit. I added the big clip to hold it all together. 

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